Tumblr is one of the first apps to support the iPhone 6S’s Live Photos

Apple’s Live Photos have largely maintained its place inside the iPhone 6S’s camera roll from the very day the phone launched, but then over time and gradually they are evolving into something you can actually share. This is taking place via one vital means thanks to Tumblr, which is ranks proudly as among the first apps — and for sure the first major app — to update with support for Live Photos.



Tumblr’s iOS app now give iPhone 6S users the opportunity to add Live Photos to their posts, in just similar mode like they were adding any other photo. In the circumstance where an iPhone comes across it in their feed, they will be able to see the Live Photo icon in the corner, this gives them the awareness that it can animate.

Just in similarity to the iOS Photos app, iPhone 6S users can now make use of 3D Touch to go about the activation of the hidden video and sound. Should you possess an older iPhone, you still have the functionality to view Live Photos when you press and hold on the image. As it seems Android users are really out of luck.

Yet in the face of receiving an app update today, Tumblr on Android just displays Live Photos as a still image. This is the same thing you get on the web. Yet there is the possibility that this is a limitation placed by Apple, or may be it could just be that support for other platforms isn’t cooked and ready yet.

If you take both ways however, it is of the indication that Live Photos, while a lot more shareable today, yet are well bounded within the iOS ecosystem. Getting support from Tumblr goes miles in changing this, but then the need is solid for Apple to make it in a manner that almost anyone can see Live Photos before they’re really worth hanging onto.

To add upon its update with support for Live Photos, Tumblr is also introducing more bountiful new messaging feature to all users. you could enjoy them on the web, iOS, and Android.

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