Ways To Make Money in Lagos Nigeria

You will agree with me that Lagos state is one of those hidden place around the world where you will ever be glad to stay; Most Nigeria Business giants and industries are located in lagos.

One beautiful characteristic of any Nigeria is they are strong in Business endeavors, “we no dey carry last”.

A popular saying goes ” Lagos, the city of the hustlers,” in all fairness that statement is absolutely true. Lagosians are hardworking, smart and at time dubious. 

In a busy city like lagos, not every youth as what it takes to secure a red carpet job with fancy car and a luxurious estate, over the years Nigerians as device many means to keep the body and soul together.

Today I will be showing you some of the ways you can engage to make money legally in Lagos state Nigeria.

Most Lagosians adopt petty business ventures like;

  1. Farming : Since there is no place in Nigeria, where Agriculture is not embrace, Lagos with a large population density also adopt farming as a means of livelihood to keep body and soul together, many  youth engage in Poultry Farming, vegetable farming, catfish business and lots more.
  2. Food Canteens and Restaurants : Lagos is a big and busy city, every one is on the go before 6am in the morning and since food is a necesity to keep life in place, many youth gifted ladies now open food canteen and restaurants, the rich ones venture into big brand food restaurant and those with little capital starts with a small canteen shop and even attract more people since everybody can afford to buy and eat there.
  3. Airtime Recharge Centers : They are always at every bus stop in lagos, since business requires strong communication, these are the people that makes sure you don’t run out of airtime, many youths instead of just playing around town and walking aimlessly in the stress due to no job, tend to take up this business since it require relatively low capital to start up and its easy to manage.
  4. Tutorial Centers For Students : Nigeria graduates with good brain, adopt this business, when they are not employed or finds it difficult to get their dream job, they tend to use their knowledge to help other students in schools (secondary and ‘A’ Level respectively) and by so doing, they earn awesome money, especially in exams period like jamb, post jamb anad admission, since this happens annually in Nigeria, it as turn out a good business fr many.
  5. Cyber Cafe : We utilize the internet technology on a daily basis, now that Jamb is out most students goes to cafe to check their result and you can only imagine the number of students we have in Lagos state alone, cyber cafe as turned out as a giant business in Lagos state, there are so many things to do with the internet and not everybody as their own personal computer, tech guys are making good money with this business in lagos while others also coupled it with computer training programs.
  6. Barbing Saloon : People like me, always love to look good every now ad then so, i can visit my barber twice in 2weeks, but with the massive population deposit in Lagos state today, there is s stable queing that happens at barber’s shop because guys are so many that needs the barber’s service. Nigerians doesn’t joke with good look, and this as turned out as a good business for many, since it doesn’t require much space and all you are doing is rendering service and getting paid for it, now an adult hair goes for #300 and you can have more than 500 adults per day, still a good business for an unemployed youth.
  7. Internet Business Startup : This is not only in Lagos but Nigeria at large, though most of the internet companies are based in Lagos because of the development and high quality internet service available there, internet business as turned out as a very lucrative business today and we have many Nigeria (including myself) making awesome money legitimately by running business online, while others are waiting for the non-existing Jobs, we are busy making good profits on the internet, some of the ways youths in Lagos earn online includes, Blogging, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, ebook and information marketing, rendering web design and graphic design services for people, creating websites for companies and lots more.
  8. Transportation : Another strong business venture today in Lagos state is “Transport business” people move daily both on land, sea and air, s if you are interested, though it is a little bit capital intensive, but it as such a massive potential and Lagosians still que daily at bus stop to catch bus to get don to their various destination daily, if you have the capital its a good business to try.

Nigeria will always get better with this kind of discovery at our disposal, instead of joining one of those that are roaming the street aimlessly in lagos, i recommend you pick a good business and start something in Nigeria today.

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