How to Make Money on Facebook

Hi friends, am sure you have a a Facebook account?

Do you know it is one of the best business tool in our world today?

Technology and internet as facilitate our businesses but we must understand how to leverage this tool to our own advantage, so today I will be sharing how you can utilize facebook for business and make money online.

If you will like to make good money on the internet without initial investment and doing almost nothing, then facebook is the perfect place to get started.

Here are the few ways by with you can make money on facebook;

1. Promote a Product or Service : This is very powerful, do you have a product or service that you offer in your country? with facebook ads you can easily target people in your country and let them know about what you do and they will patronize you. This was the wisdom mama henry employed that makes her to earn $1500 last month by merely selling Italian hair to her customers and reaching most of them on facebook, while she delivers it to their door step in enugu Nigeria.

2. Promote an Affiliate Link : If you have best offers products and links, facebook is one of the best place to secure customers, the concept here is easy, all you have to do is create  a facebook page of facebook users with a specific interest and you will share the affiliate link in respect to that niche, you can share a link from commission junction, shareasale or clickbank on health to a facebook page title ” daily fitness and health”, such kind of promotion will convert well.

3. Facebook Manager Service : Have you observed lately on your facebook account how some great dignitaries and even presidents of nations account are been updated frequently under the influence of their name? and you wonder how come they have the time been that they have a lot to attend to? the truth is majority of them are not the ones that handles it. Someone is maintaining the account on their behalf and that is what we call “FACEBOOK MANAGER” You can work as a facebook manager to any high profile person in the society and they will pay you so well, since you are helping them to get even more popular.

4. Promoting Your Website/Blog : This is also another way to make money via facebook, if you have a blog running on adsense and you want to get daily consistent traffic coming into the blog then you must have a active high follower facebook page that can deliver this traffic to your blog as visitors and readers while you earn money in return for the traffic coming into your website daily.

5. Develop a Facebook app Software: If you know that you know, you can create an awesome perfectly working app that can be incorporated into the facebook algorithm, then you can go ahead and develop it as long as it is useful and can help people solve their problem, whether issues like auto publishing articles on facebook, or helping users to deliver their post viral, you will make good money with the app if it can serve users well.

Those are some of the ways to make money with your facebook, if you explore some of them, you might be soon to quit your job and start working from home.

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