How to Make Your Android Phones Load Faster

Android are awesome phones, that is why they are called “smartphones” they work smartly and they are handled by smart people, because an illiterate can not handle those apps that are running on the phone, even a literate man will still need someone to put him through some things on how to handle and appropriately manage the phone, but due to so many apps that runs on the phone, it is often times hanging and slow in response and this can be very disgusting and frustrating.

But today, I will be showing you some steps you can take to make your smartphone runs faster and serve you efficiently.

  1. Close every un-used application, don’t leave any application idle after using them, it will not only help gain speed it will also save your battery.
  2. Don’t install every app, this is yet another error common among people, they install every damn app they see, this is not going to help your phone, it will only eta up the space and slow down your phone load time, delete any app you don’t need.
  3. Update Your Antivirus; Virus can infect and affect your phone, destroy your file and slow down the response, so you must ensure that the anti-virus is up-to-date, if you want your phone to be fast and responsive.
  4. Delete all read and sent messages, don’t leave them there just like that, because they will be eating up your memory as they pile up, delete them!
  5. Save Your Apps to Memory Card : by so dong, you will have a lot of free memory on your phone and when you perform important task by taking responsibility, you will see how fast your phone will respond, phone memory is what takes part in most  of the operations of the phone, so when your phone memory is light, your phone will gain speed.
  6. Always Restart Your phone in the morning; some android phone users will never restart their phone for a week, they will just continue to use it and charge it, that way it will be getting even more slow and it will be cumbersome just like traffic germs at agege in Lagos, you have to watch it, don’t use your phone like a slave, restart it everyday, just like your take your bath daily so that you can be refresh for your day.

By the time you apply this 6 steps, am sure it will deliver to you a perfect response that you have always desire from your phone.

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