5 Freelance Services You Can Render Online To Make Money

Just like the offline world, the internet business also works in the buy and sell concept, the only differences here is that you are either selling a product or you are rendering a service and getting paid in return for your service.


There are some kind of services that are in high demand on the internet today and rendering some of them can set you on your fast lane of earning 6 figures income or even much more than that.

In this post, I will emphasize 5 specific services that you can render on the internet and make good profits.

Websites like fiverr.com has been a platform on which you can render service and get paid in return, however you can also build your portfolio and establish yourself in your niche and make money.

1. Writing : Writing is a hotcake on the web today, if you can write well then trust me you are eligible to earn more money online, the entire web and blogs online survive by information and people are the ones writing the information, that is why we have some websites around the world paying writers $700 and even $1000 per articles, I recently worked with a news magazine in United states that pays writers 50 cents per words in their article and you know prolific writers are bound to use many word to express themselves, ebooks, books and other form of online documents all survive on words and the more you can write them, you are considered eligible to make more money, You can create your own writing blog, where you share your opinion about Issues and build a portfolio for your writing job and from there you can have your own “service” page and a banner advert for your writing job, many people online are looking for writing, if you can proof yourself, able then you can secure the Job.

2. Graphics Design : There was a time that the most listed and wanted job on fiverr.com was Graphic Design most internet marketing and promotions as a lot to do with catchy graphic and compelling design outlay, so if you are a professional graphic designer the internet as a lot of money to offer you, you might not really have to list your job on the freelance job listing sites you can just create a website or blog for your business and promote it there, you can also write article about your service on online classified sites and top blogs so that people can know you and employ your service. New books are been published per day and they require ebook cover, website logo, favicon, headers and sliders are all graphic works, these are the reasons why the service is in high demand.

3. Blogging: Yeah, many companies are now beginning to see the potential in blogging as an avenue for them to promote themselves and build their brand by ranking for some local keywords on the search engine through which people can get to know them. In view of this, companies are on the outlook for bloggers, the little differences between writers and bloggers is the advance technological knowledge of creating and managing a web kind of write up and articles. There is a way to write online articles, especially those that are meant for promotion and for generating leads and marketing; you can list your blogging job with your portfolio on your personal website, online freelance sites, blogger’s forum, and top business blogs and youtube.

4. Website Design: This is another category of expertise, everything hosted online are all on a webpage, so if you are thinking of starting up a business online, then it must be on a webpage and a webpage is an element of a website, that calls for website creators, designers and developers. Small and Medium scale enterprise requires a nice and compelling website to attract customers to themselves, if you can offer this service then you become an asset that they will never go, it is easy to advertise your website design service online, you can create a website where you tell the world what you do and how you can help them create their own professional looking website; you can also create a blog where you rank for website design, creation and development related keyword and there you advertise your services, you can also make available your portfolio for others to see and that can bring you lots of customers when people can see the jobs you have done in the time past.

5. Social Media Marketing: Both small business and giant companies are building their brand with the power of social media. If you are skillful at compelling people’s attention on social media with your contents, then you can take up jobs of trending social media for brands, big celebrities, pastors, ministries, top icons in various faucets of life are using the power of social media to improve on their value and let more people know about them, most of this people don’t have the time to manage their social media accounts, you can just manage it for them and get paid awesomely in return for your service.

Here are the 5 super great freelance services you can render online and earn good money with them.

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