5 Lucrative Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria and Make Money

Nigeria is indeed a land flowing with milk and honey; I am one of the potential Nigeria youth that understand what God as bless us with in this land. Today in Africa, Nigeria is the center of major business activities, and in respect to that, many foreign countries are partnering with us; foreign investors around the world are finding their way into Nigeria to come and start up a business.

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The potency of Nigeria business growth and economic development can be traced down to the large population density, a country with over 200 Million plus people will make almost any business to blossom.

Today I will be listing 5 major lucrative businesses that are in vogue today In Nigeria, you can make your choice amongst these 5 businesses.

1. Poultry Farming: List of lucrative business ideas in Nigeria will be incomplete without making mention of some major agricultural businesses like poultry farming. Major developed nations of the world have their economy skyrocketing from two major occupations 1. Agriculture and 2. Mining; These are the two businesses that are fully engage right before we have technology and science, Nigeria from inception has been trading exploits in the agricultural industry and till today we are still making progress, there are two major aspect of poultry farming that are in vogue today “Broiler (meat) and Layers (egg), You can choose any of the two and start your own poultry venture in Nigeria, the good news is that the market is flooded with demands for poultry product, as a matter of fact, we are yet to meet up with the huge demand for poultry product in the Nigeria market and the federal government as encouraged more youths to venture into poultry farming.

2. Internet Business :The web as not only develop into a world of unending wonders in Nigeria, it has also transformed into an inevitable tool in our business industry and other sectors, with the development of the internet today, Nigerians can easily get jobs online, many small and local business now as a website for their local promotion and business growth. Another major aspect of internet business growth in Nigeria now is “E-commerce” this is fast growing, and with marketing on Search engine, social media and more, you can now make money promoting goods and services on the web. Giants like Jumia, Konga, Payporte and so on are evidently showing the potential ecommerce businesses holds in Nigeria, the beauty of buying goods online from the comfort of your own in your bed room makes ecommerce awesome!

People all around the world are now reading blogs in Nigeria because the internet business potential in Nigeria is coming alive, Blogging is another yet strong internet business in Nigeria today and you can easily start your own blog by simply creating a blog on blogger.com monetize it with google adsense; Great bloggers in Nigeria now rank in millions of dollars, The internet business model might just be the next big thing coming.

3. Fashion Industry : Have you ever thought about how much people buy clothes daily in Nigeria? More than 180 Million people need to change their cloth, and something amazing about the fashion and clothing industry is that, there used to be a release of new model and fashion style so that beyond the clothing, people wants to get the latest kind of fashion, that is what powers the fashion industry.

Many Nigerians now import cloth from Yanki, Dubai, China, India and Cotonou down to Nigeria and within few days they have sold off the goods, you don’t have to be a fashion designer for you to be relevant in the fashion industry, you can engage in deals of importing and exporting cloths and textile, with the growth of beautification and fashion in Nigeria today, clothing might be the next business in vogue.

4. Fish Farming : Animal protein is one major part of our daily meal and in search for this protein, animal and plant are the two major sources, however it is believed that the animal source is more healthy and better, fish is one major source of protein in our meal and that is what as given birth to fish farming; catfish and tilapia are the major two kind of fish farming in Nigeria, but more popular is the Catfish, its simply an act of scientifically domesticating fish in a controlled water body, feeding them to maturity and selling them off; it has proven to be one of the strongest business in Nigeria today.

We are now have many Millionaire fish farmer, and you too can be the next, it is just all about getting the necessary knowledge on how to start and master it, Nigerians now smoke fishes and export them to other countries to earn foreign exchange.

5. Mobile, Gadget and Telecommunication: Everyone now used the trending smartphones; do you know many years ago, it wasn’t so? Indeed time shift, we now have all kinds of trending phones in Nigeria and the youths are always on the outlook for these phones, in view of the lucrativeness of smartphones in Nigeria, foreigner marketers and companies are now coming into Nigeria to start up a mobile phone industry.

Every business and companies now uses phone to fast-track their transactions check mails, reach their clients and do much more ;this has been the winning secret of smart phones In Nigeria today.

You might not have to start up a phone building film, but you can think of starting retail dealing film in Nigeria and make profits because the technology industry is super lucrative and it can never go down.

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