Samsung declares war on Dropbox and Google Drive: launches its Cloud storage

….Galaxy Note 7 owners get 15GB free storage

Before the latest Samsung’s event which held in New York City yesterday, rumours were saturating the air that Samsung could initiate the launch of a new cloud storage service to be tagged Samsung Cloud. And true to expectations, Samsung accredited the rumours in its New York event where it officially gave confirmation that it would be launching its own cloud storage too.

Samsung declares war on Dropbox and Google Drive: launches its Cloud storage

So now Samsung has declared war on Dropbox as well as Google Drive via this Samsung Cloud. Actually, the service is more of an add-on to its Smart Switch feature which introduces a relieving ease to transfer data by users from and to their Samsung devices.

Okay now, Samsung Cloud is expected to assist users in backing up the data of the device on a regular basis including (but not particularly restricted to) apps, files, settings, as well as layouts- to the cloud. What this connotes is that the Smart Switch feature will have a latest copy of the Galaxy Note 7 in the case where the need arises among users for one. Samsung plans to dole out 15GB of free Samsung Cloud storage to all Galaxy Note 7 owners.

Though Samsung has not opened up whether this cloud generosity will carry paid options but then there is increased chances payment options may erupt later on. Another thing we are not clear about at the moment is if Samsung will give users the avenue to completely use Samsung Cloud’s 15GB free storage for general purposes or if the storage will kind of be concisely restricted to automatic device backups.

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