Tutorial: Finding your Facebook friends on Xbox Live for Xbox One and Windows 10

The Xbox One Summer Update actually just began rolling in for Xbox users. This certainly spices up thing with a fresh feature which Facebook users are sure to relish!

It is now possible to get Xbox Live friend suggestions when you link your Facebook account to Xbox Live. This works in such a way that it will make suggestions of your Facebook friends who have also also finished the connection of their accounts to the network. In this guide, we show you how you can come onboard.

First, On your Xbox One, to open the Guide menu, you will have to double-tap the Xbox button on your controller. After that, scroll though to your friend list making selection of Suggestions. You can then choose Find Facebook friends. Now you will be prompted to input your Facebook credentials; you can do that also adding any friend who is on the list.
There is no other complication, it is this stress free!

The other way round this of reaching the same goal on a Windows 10 Mobile device or Windows 10 PC, is making use of the built-in Xbox app.

Making use of the app:

Locate the the app on your PC, you can do this by typing “Xbox” into the Start Menu, alternatively, you can reach this by searching through your app list on a Windows 10 Mobile devices. Okay, now proceed to the settings section appearing at the bottom of the hamburger menu. You have seen it? It is actually represented as a cogwheel. Now Select Link Facebook account, moving on to type in your log-in details.

In time to come, the Xbox One could add on more social features. Courtesy of the Universal Windows Platform, the console stands to in the future to receive the very Facebook app, which at present is available on phones and Windows 10 PCs. Personally, I don’t think we will cross our fingers waiting too long!

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