Google to make following the Olympics jolly easier

The spirit of 2016 Summer Olympic Games is high. The tracks are shiny as athletes prepare to give the cheetah sleepless night. The high jumpers prepare to give Sir Isaac Newton’s ghost’s goose pimples as they attempt to defy the laws of gravity lifting weightlessly into a scared air. Neymar and his platoon prepare to protect their motherland Brazil from football invaders.

Google to make following the Olympics jolly easier

And now Google is sharing our excitement too as the giant company will be rolling out a set of tools which will give you the convenience of following the 2016 Summer Olympic Games — due to commence by August 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Yes, Google is making it possible to access athlete bios, TV schedules as well as medal tallies straight from search results. All in the spirit of sportsmanship, Google will be partnering with broadcasters so as to dish out highlight videos on YouTube in a number of countries spanning over 60.

This way it will be feasible viewing event venues on Street View, as well as getting on the receiving end of automatic updates at any interval your country judiciously grabs a medal in course of the tournament. So below is what we are expecting to see from Google’s Search for the Rio Olympics:

You will be able to discover the event schedule, athlete information as well in Search

Watch official broadcasters’ event highlights on YouTube in over 60 countries

Receive results and being able to view TV schedules in over 30 countries

Keep abreast with the most recent search Trends from around the world

Explore Rio and venues in Google Maps

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