Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen app gives you the juicy ability to carry out web searches without unlocking your device

Wonder wonder my people. Brethren, people are thinking. Sometimes these innovations really baffle me. I get to think whether my heavy meal of Ogbono soup is in one way hindering my creativity as my brains seem to be one rusty organic engine when placed alongside those of these innovative developers.

Microsoft doing things

Now the latest innovation coming from Microsoft is one that really beefs up its Next Lock Screen Android app. Although surely the version of the app’s version is to remain at 3.7.1, the update rolls in one distinct sophistication: the app now adds on the capacity of performing web searches; but this time there will be no need to unlock the device first.

At present it is actually only Bing that boasts this feature as a search engine.

This is what the change-log has to say: “Bing search: enable search experience on your lock screen. You can now do quick search without unlocking your phone.”

If you choose to download the updated app, head here

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