Tutorial: Adding new Cortana search file locations on your Windows 10

As you well know Cortana performs the role of your personal digital assistant in Windows 10. It rocks a design built to make life easiest for you as to doing many tasks, reminding you of essential appointments, even tracking packages as well as flights. Cortana can also sync notifications across devices.

There are times though when some files just don’t show up in search results. One possible reason for this is that Cortana doesn’t really identify where to locate it. The thing is that Cortana actually depends on Windows Search for local files, as well as Windows Search deploys a collection of default configurations which takes on the job of specifying which folders are indexed for search. So these very default settings we are talking about don’t really have additional storage locations which you may have added at one point to your computer or even other folder paths.

So in this guide we are presenting to you a means to adding other possible search locations on Windows 10. We will be taking you in this tutorial through the procedures of enabling Cortana to search all your drives which is connected to your PC. Also here, you will learn how to delete some locations you intend to keep off from being indexed in a search.

So how do you add fresh storage locations for indexing on Windows 10

Carefully follow the these steps to realize the modification of the default local search configurations. You remember it is these default configuration Cortana deploys in responding appropriately to your search queries.

Alright, make use of the Windows key + X. This will open the Power User menu and then select Control Panel. You can from there make a change to the view; brining it to Large Icons.

Next take Indexing Options.

Select Modify.

If you have done this correctly, select all locations .
So on Indexed Locations, click all the folders as well as drives you intend permitting Cortana to search.

One thing important for you to know is that in the situation where you have delicate private files (or even sensitive videos), in this step, you can equally remove the locations you will not really want Cortana to access and show in search results.

In the case where you desire indexing a folder, but then you are opposed to a subfolder showing, you can simply expand the folder and then take off the checkmark for those files as well as folders encased in it you don’t really like Cortana to access in course of a search.

Now select the OK button to round up of this task.

The moment you are through with the task, Windows 10 will at once commence the process of indexing the new files, though this might exhaust some a mouthful of time. But in the situation where don’t actually have the patience to wait, that is if it is taking too long with search malfunctioning sort of; while in the Indexing Options settings page, you can resort to the following procedures.

Select Advanced. After this take the option of Rebuild.

To confirm, you have to select OK. In the case where you have encrypted files being store on your computer, you will really intend checking the Index encrypted files option coming under Advanced Options.

It is possible to go to the File Types tab and there make a configuration of which files extensions you would love seeing in the search results.

When you are throughly through with your new customization, select the OK button to activate the changes.

Alright you are done at last. Obviously, Cortana may be particularly skillful at some tricks, but then pertaining to search certain options, it is actually optimal manually customizing it to realize the most improved results.

So in the case where you have been lost in thoughts as to the reason behind some particular files not showing in search — so we can now confidently saw you know why and how to solve it.

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