Apple set to weed the App Store of broken and outdated apps

Apple is putting on its LAWMA (Lagos State Waste Management Authority) aprons as it set out to thoroughly sweep the App Store. In a sanitary move, Apple plans to sponge its App Store of the dirt of brokers as well as outdated apps. Thus a good number of apps now stand to be thrown into the garbage bin.

Apple set to weed the App Store of  broken and outdated apps

Going by the details of an email Apple had distributed to developers, Apple has made it clear that it will soon soon commence the removal of outdated apps from the App Store. The apps to the removed cut across apps that haven’t been updated for some time. Even apps that have been paid little or attention by their developers will be equally thrown away.

“We are implemending and ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are outdated,” – Apple (in the email)

In a move to combat some search engine optimization, Apple is equally embarking on adopting stricter naming guidelines. This way Apple wants to enforce app names not being longer than 50 characters.

Surely Apple is not looking back as it has its mop stick set to give the App store a sparkling cleaning; and from how things seem, this is likely to start by September 7th. Seems Apple plans it to coincide with the very day we will be having the new iPhone’s announcement.

Surely Apple is dusting the cobwebs of its App Store, it wouldn’t really be good manners to actually let the iPhone 7 meet a dirty App Store you know.

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