Facebook Messenger gets juicer with Instant Video and how it works

It is not only APC that is ranting and rampaging about change. Actually there is change everywhere. In a dynamic today, static things easily get rusty. As such in the tech world similarly, the big giants have to keep changing; swimming else they drown in the innovation of their rivals. The worse thing when a tech giants starts drowning, there is barely a life guard around.

Facebook Messenger gets juicer with Instant Video and how it works

Thus in the culture of bringing something new, Facebook is announcing a fresh feature for its Messenger service. This one is termed Instant Video. According to Facebook, this Instant video is “perfect for sharing quick moments with friends who aren’t right by your side or making your conversations richer by seeing each other face-to-face when you are messaging”.

So the thing is how does the instant Video work? In the case where you have the most recent version of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS or Android, then in the thread of any conversation, simply tap on the video button. The video button is appearing at the top right corner. So when you do this, the friend you are sharing the conversation with will at once see you in a video. This video floats over the active text conversation. You can keep up with the chat even if you are sending the live feed). It is cool you remember that you as well as your friend are required to be viewing your Messenger conversation; this way the video shows up.

By the default operation, audio is turned off. But then it is possible to turn it the moment the video begins. Your friend has the option of sharing a video back if they so choose to. This appears less in resemblance with the concept of “video call”; this is actually what we are more acquainted to.

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