TUTORIAL: How can I unjailbreak my iPhone or iPad?

Sometimes after the excitement of jailbreaking your iphone or ipad; you can get tired even regretting jailbreaking it in the first place. So now if you getting worried with your jailbroken iOS device, here in this guide we present to you the procedure of easily unjailbreaking so you can restore it to normalcy.

TUTORIAL: How can I unjailbreak my iPhone or iPad?

Though if you ask many people how to unjailbreak, iPhone or iPad, they will tell you to put your iOS device in DFU mode or recovery mode. But truth is, this actually is not the best thing to do. This is even more difficult considering that you can just erase your device, after which you can restore it from a backup. Now when you back it up, it will not this time include the jailbreak or jailbroken apps, such that this way you should be safely back to stock iOS.

So to begin this process, you would first plug your device into your computer; then launch your iTunes. Okay, now you need to click on the device icon appearing by the upper-left corner. When you open this device icon, it will open up the device summary screen.
Kindly ensure iTunes is having all the music and movies which you desire on your device. This is necessary as we will soon be erasing it. So when you have finished this, it is appropriate to back up your apps on your device as well as settings.
Click on “Back Up Now” so as to back up your device,
When you finished the process, make sure to open up the Settings app on your device, and then walk to iCloud. If you have navigated to iCloud, then take Find My iPhone. There, you can disable Find My iPhone. This can only be done on a temporary basis. This is as Apple demands that this very feature be disabled when in the process of restoring your device.

Alright, now move back to iTunes then tap on “Restore iPhone”.
It is possible at the juncture to get a pop-up window demanding to know if you intend to back up your stuff. So you will just click on “Don’t Back Up”; this is because we have already done our backup.
Take “Restore” upon the appearance of the next window.

The process will commence; just exercise some patience as it could exhaust around five minutes.
At the end, you will see the below screen appearing in iTunes when you have finished the process. It is your option to select “Restore from this backup” to get back all of your select “Restore from this backup” to get back all of your apps, settings, contacts , apps, settings etc. or “Set up as new iPhone if you so intend to begin from the very basics.

It doesn’t take past some few minutes to backup to an iOS device, and when iTunes declares it has rounded up the process of restoring the backup and your iPad or iPhone fully reboots, it is possible for you to unlock it. From there, you will be able to see the iOS Setup Assistant start screen. So you swipe to the right for continuity and follow through the steps so as to correctly set up your iPhone one more time. On the list of things to set up includes Touch ID,Location Services, Apple Pay, and iCloud.

The moment you successfully finished up the setup procedures; reaching the home screen, you will see that you could be presented with some apps which are darkened out with “Waiting…” appearing below the icons of these app. The meaning of this is that these very apps are in the process of downloading to your device as such are in the act of installation. So simply grab a drink, and feel at ease. So when this is over, your iPad or your iPhone will be thoroughly returned to full use duty being completely free of the jailbreak.

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