Twitter is finally paying its best users to create videos

In the tech world, envy is a virtue; jealousy is inspiration! Covetousness is a mental whip to keep you up pulling the cart of your ambitions to reality. The big tech companies we know in the world need as much envy among themselves as each needs engineers. There is regular Olympics in the Silicon valley, and the moment Facebook gets too satisfied with itself; it will surely see the Usain Bolt side of Twitter. Hence copying and competition.

Twitter is finally paying its best users to create videos

And it is in this virtuous spirit of envy that Twitter is copying YouTube fervently: This time, Twitter will be selling ads alongside creator videos and as well as sharing the ad revenue with the very individuals responsible for the creation of the content. I would admit the terms Twitter is offering are pretty juicy.

Quite in contrast to YouTube, which we know to dole 55% of the money to creators and then chuck the remaining 45% in their pocket, Twitter will be using the same revenue split it as of now offering other Amplify video partners. This arrangement from Twitter gives 70% to the content creator and then retains 30%.

Certainly, the offer from twitter needs to be this attractive to appeal to us. No doubt Twitter is yet to ascend the heights of YouTube and even Facebook as to video solution, and actually time had almost ran out on Twitter to come into the game with Youtube and Facebook having built a fortress here. So even in face of this very attractive offer, we can’t say for sure if Twitter will be able to appeal judiciously to creators as well as viewers who already strong fans of Youtube and Facebook.

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