TUTORIAL: How can you set up the iris scanner on your lovely Galaxy Note 7?

I don’t really think you will argue with me that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 happens to be one of the best phones of this 2016. In addition to its unique design as well as amazing feature set, it absolutely presents one mega distinctive feature: an iris scanner.

So some dudes could really lost as to how to set it up on their galaxy note 7; hence this guide.

What is this iris scanner?

This is no big word; it is simply how it sounds like. The iris scanner is one tool that can perform the duty of scanning your eyes — or more better put scanning your iris. Don’t be scared, it is simply used for biometric authentication. Especially for logging in to your device as well as other secure features in the note 7; one of this is the Secure Folder.

Okay. So the iris scanner makes use of two distinct pieces of hardware to realize the task of accurate scan: a front-facing small camera sensor; as well as an infrared sensor, that greatly contributes in measuring the very peculiar the unique aspects of your eye such as the shape of your eye and even its depth. When put together, this is immensely reliable in preventing photos as well as other static interpretations of a person’s face from being deployed to compromise the system. Of course, you should seen similar iris scanning technology in Hollywood films.

So how can we set up the iris scanner?

Trust me; setting up your iris scanner is not difficult as all. This could be done in two ways. One is the first time you set up your Note 7, or then any time thereafter, via the Settings menu. In this guide, we will be presenting to you the second way, but then the following steps are well applicable to the initial setup.
So we begin with pulling down on your notification shade. After you have pulled on it, simply tap the Settings icon.
There at the Settings, simply scroll down tapping on Lock screen and security.

Okay, if you are there now, just tap on Irises. After this, you can input your pin code, password; you can also use a pattern.

Now read through the instructions after which you can tap Continue.

Now follow the remaining steps so as to realize the set up of the iris scanner.

After you have completed this, tap Turn on. You still have the option of enabling Web sign-in and verify Samsung account.

So there we are; was it a big deal? Of course not. So you can now enjoy accessing the iris scanner via simply turning on your phone and then swiping up on the lock screen.

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