Twitter reveals new content deals with its partners


According to the reports that we have recently obtained from our sources, it appears that Twitter has released a few new content deals for its platform tonight during the NewFronts event that was organized for advertisers of all things digital.

Counting down from the moment Twitter joined in with NewFronts, it has been up to two years and from the time Twitter joined in, efforts were targeted at improving the platform with concentration on the video strategy of the platform as a means to boost the network, be that as it may, the attention has been turned to other things which include the casting thoughts on the basic social variations of the service. This doesn’t however mean that the company has abandoned its video strategy. In fact, the company stated that it would be making a number of video deals at the NewFronts event, 13 of them to be exact, and they would all be brought out at the event. Despite the fact it is quite low compared to the deals made in the previous event last year as last year 30 deals were brought out.

Twitter has noted that it is in collaborations with a certain number of top organizations such as the NBA.

Twitter Global Vice President and Head of Content Partnerships, Kay Madati while making a statement said that, “When you collaborate with the top publishers in the world, you can develop incredibly innovative ways to elevate premium content and bring new dimensions to the conversations that are already happening on Twitter. Together with our partners, we developed this new slate of programming specifically for our audiences, and designed the content to fuel even more robust conversation on Twitter.”

Below is a list of some of the news:

  • A collaboration with Univision so as to be able to provide Spanish-language sports, news, entertainment content as well as analysis and reports on the 2020 election.
  • Extension of the deal between Twitter and the NFL that includes highlights and analysis for many years.
  • Launching of a new live talk show with the theme “Don’t @ Me”. In this talk show two athletes will debate on topics chosen by Twitter users.
  • Further extension of deal with Major League Soccer.
  • Continuance of programming from ESPN and this also covers the new ESPN Onsite branding to give highlights of shows that are filmed in certain locations for big occasions.
  • A second season of Bleacher Reports “House of Highlights”.
  • Blizzard Entertainment to share content from BlizzCon in November.
  • A video show launch for Twitter by Wall Street Journal titled WSJ What’s Now.

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