Microsoft will end production of the Xbox 360

Back in 2005, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360, and it was such a thundering success as regards market acceptance. But counting ten years forward from then, we have Microsoft eventually folding up production of the Xbox 360.

Microsoft will end production of the Xbox 360

Microsoft will end production of the Xbox 360

The company made the announcement through news in a blog post from Xbox chief Phil Spencer. “Xbox 360 means a lot to everyone in Microsoft,” Spencer said in his explanation. “And while we’ve had an amazing run, the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old are starting to creep up on us. Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. We will continue to sell existing inventory of Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying by country.”


As at 2005 when Xbox was released, it went to on to record the successful sales of over 80 million units. This largely displaced the original Xbox One with the Xbox 360 establishing its place as leading Microsoft’s gladiator in the console arena. And then the product following it, the Xbox One, was launched in 2013, and rumours have it that Microsoft is making strong plans to release an updated version of the hardware not too far from now. The company is not planning to entirely abandon support for already existing Xbox 360s, this pertaining to software and hardware. In face of this development, Xbox Live servers for the 360 will yet be active, this way, it would still be possible to play games online.

This is not too big a surprise. There were the prospects this could happen when Microsoft had launched backwards compatibility — this creating the avenue to play some specific 360 games on the Xbox One — at the last quarter of 2015. Still, so ten years of service is not bad at all for the Xbox 360 as its held on the market beat many other consoles.

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