Samsung testing two Galaxy Note 6 versions and one of them rocks a curved screen

It is very possible Samsung would be working on prototypes since it will be launching the Galaxy Note 6 this August or even better still, some time earlier. Quite exciting though is very reliable report that Samsung has really worked extensively in two separate Note 6 versions. So before the launch, Samsung will make a decision on which of them to unveil and when this decision is reached on one of them, the other model will not be launched.

Samsung testing two Galaxy Note 6 versions and one of them rocks a curved screen

So inferring from here, we have that the Galaxy S6 edge+ from last year will possibly not get a succeeding device in its series this year. So if we weave all this together, we see that the Note 6 will obviously fill into both capacities: one as follow-up to the Note5 and then the other as the S6 edge+.

Hence it is very realistic that one of the Note 6 prototypes is presented with a doubly curved screen; this sharing resemblance with the S7 edge as well as the previous edge-branded handsets before it. The second prototype presents a flat display, and then their specs are not too far off in resemblance.

The Galaxy Note 6 will present a 5.8-inch QHD Super AMOLED touchscreen (we are not yet certain if it could be curved or not). It could have a 6GB of RAM, that very 12 MP dual pixel camera which we see in the S7 edge and the S7, as well as a 4000 mAh battery. Then when we come to the category of the chipset used, we could have a fresh (but not yet ascertained) version of Samsung’s own Exynos 8 Octa (this one could present improved clock speeds as compared to that of the 8890 in the S7), and then the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 823. There is very high possibility that what we will get in the latter.

Samsung testing two Galaxy Note 6 versions and one of them rocks a curved screen

The internal storage will come at 32GB. You could still add to it through means of a microSD card slot. From the look of things, it will not take long before Samsung launch the Note 6
after Google has officially unveiled the Android N. Thus it is very possible that the Note 6 should operate that edition version of the OS from the start. The Note 6 will certainly rock a fingerprint sensor, even more is the possibility it could yet take on an iris scanner.

So far, all that have been said are not mere say as they stand very hefty chances of coming through in the upcoming device. Yet we must still leave space for some doubt as Samsung could still pull surprises on us.

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