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There are security flaws and bugs everywhere and we all love to blame someone: either the tech company or our innocent IT personnel. But it would look super dumb if you were the cause of your own misfortune. Recently Apple discontinued support for their app on Windows – namely QuickTime. If you were wondering what QuickTime was, then you’re probably safe – you should read on though, you might learn a thing or two; but if you do know what it is and you still have it installed on your computer, please for you own good and safety uninstall it. For the sake of learning, in one word, QuickTime is a multimedia app for Windows developed by Apple. If you were also wondering why discontinued support for an app endangers you; lemme give you a little insight into app development and support.

When an app is developed and released into the public, the onus is on the developer to provide support – ranging from answer questions to releasing updates. The same thing happened with Windows XP when Microsoft announced that they would not be providing support as from last year. Now, when an app loses the support of the developers, the app tends to do more harm than good. How? lemme explain:

When a security flaw is detected, the developers quickly get off their asses and find a way to patch it else, their customers could be open to attacks ranging from some creep spying on you through your webcam to a broke or not so broke Hacker emptying your bank account depending on how wide a hole it is.

Now with this in mind, the choice is yours: Do you choose to uninstall or do you trust your Antivirus that much? I know I don’t(nor hard feeling Avast 😀 ). Looking on the bright side, there are multiple alternatives you could try out:

  • Kodak player
  • VLC
  • Windows’ own media player… The list is practically endless. Just don’t stick to quicktime, no matter how much you love it(though I’d wonder why).

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