Microsoft could stun us with a Surface all-in-one PC in late October

Microsoft has stated carrying out tests on a series of Surface all-in-one PCs. Looking from the distance Microsoft has reached so far, it has set its eyes on unveiling a minimum of one model during a hardware event next month.

Microsoft could stun us with a Surface all-in-one PC in late October

Reports coming in reveal that Microsoft will roll out a Surface-branded device which at present is codenamed “Cardinal” at a New York City event. Insiders are assuredly giving leaks that Microsofts eagerly targets a late October hardware launch event for the public introduction of the device.

Reports some time ago had brought indications that Microsoft already had its hands on three Surface-branded all-in-one PCs will be made available in stores later this 2016. Circulating rumours pointed out that Microsoft has had carried out tests on 21-inch, 24-inch, and 27-inch models, but we can’t say for sure whether the company will launch all three screen sizes.

Back in July, Microsoft had given clues that it was working towards launching a fresh Surface-branded device this very year. And then possibly roll in an additional three in 2017. It is very possible for Microsoft to take advantage of this event in refreshing its Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book devices with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. Although it is more likely the company will wait till 2017 to unveil true successors.

For now Microsoft is working its way towards two big software updates to Windows 10 by 2017, we may have the first debuting alongside new hardware at the beginning of next year.

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