Facebook is commencing fun celebration of 50 years of Star Trek

…changing up their suite of Like buttons

Brethren you remember star trek? That very old science science fiction that had Kirk, Spock and the rest. The movie of course is madly old. Guess for some of us as at when the film came out, our fathers were not yet winking at our mothers. Star Trek is now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Facebook is commencing fun celebration of 50 years of Star Trek

Going by remarks from Facebook Messenger’s marketing lead, Lindsey Shepard, the company has commenced the activity of exploring means to celebrate the science fiction franchise. The marketing chief has commented that that users may be invited to alter up their profile picture making use of a custom frame, and then make a choice to differ another feature: the Like buttons.

These very buttons reveals Spock’s signature Vulcan salute, Kirk (Haha), Spock (Wow), Geordi (Sad), and a Klingon (Angry). The buttons will be made available for a short period of time.

This will not be the first time Facebook is really toying with the buttons. During Mother’s Day,Facebook briefly unveiled a reaction sometime at the beginning of this year, rolling in an addition of in a flower. But then considering how reluctant Facebook is to changing the Like button for a good number of years now, we are all lost wondering if this could be the company’s big response to the Google Doodle.

You can let us know if these changes showed up in yours.

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