How can I Disable “Raise to Listen” for Audio Messages in iOS

I don’t really know if many of us use the Raise to Listen feature on our iPhones. This feature if you know allows you to listen or even record an audio message by just bringing the iPhone up to your face. It could really be helpful; but in other conditions, it can be really disturbing majorly when you are not the audio messages type such that you are almost bored to death of mistakenly recording them. So here in this tutorial, we will teach you how to turn it off.

Just as said earlier the Raise to Listen feature can be really be annoying. What vexes me most about it is you can initiate a recording by just setting your phone down or even just putting it in your own pocket. And in the case where you don’t really use a screen protector, it has the disadvantage of triggering sufficiently annoying interference with the proximity sensor such that the pains it instigates gets even worse.

So if you are not a fan of this feature, I would suppose it is preferable you simply turn it off. But then don’t forget that turning off the Raise to Listen feature lacks the ability to interfere with the capacity to raise your phone so as to wake it. Thus you should feel safer knowing that turning off the Raise to Listen will not really injure other dictation features. One important dictation feature which is well protected from this is the microphone button on the keyboard.

So as said turning off Raise to Listen is well stress free. To begin, you will have to launch your Settings app. So on the main Settings screen, you will now scroll down tapping “Messages.”

Then on the very Messages settings screen, simply scroll down approaching the bottom to the “Audio” section then simply turn off the “Raise to Listen” switch.

So we believe you have turned off the Raise to Listen feature, so guess you will be now be free of mistakenly involving people in how your life sounds like in every 25 seconds when you finish texting. Though if you do have a flair for audio messages, this doesn’t still prevent you from using them. You simply have to tap the microphone button so as to record an audio message or rather listed to it.

Hope this tutorial was useful.

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