Instagram is killing photo maps because many of us don’t use it

Do you remember Instagram photo maps. This is one notorious Instagram feature which was reputable for displaying the pictures you had taken on the basis of the location you have taken them. Instagram is now announcing that it be killing this feature.

Instagram is killing photo maps because many of us don't use it

Twitter even gave confirmations that it has commenced the exercise of removing the maps from the service. “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities,” Instagram naw explained in the statement. “You will still be able to see location tags on individual posts.” Although it is still possible to view your own map at present, but the capacity to look at other people’s maps has now been removed alongside the most recent update to the app.

Truth be said, a lot of us here in naija barley even know photo maps existed-some if not for this news. Normally to reach this feature, you will have to tap on the profile of the person finding that small-ish location icon which is housed under bio. When you do that, you will see a map with bunch of photos with the arrangement done on the basis of the location you had taken the pics. So when you zoom in on the map, you will now be treated to an enhanced fine-grained view.

If I’m right, among the handful of people who enjoyed this feature most, it for Instagram employees. These guys were nutritiously paid to frequently travel touring the globe taking pictures of their expedition. But then a good number of people even me I don’t really don’t really do international travels, so I just knew of Instagram photo maps but I don’t use it either!

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