Hurray, You can now see when someone has read your Twitter DM

I wouldn’t deny that in the very essennce of communication, discussants should know if they are audible enough to each other. And in the case of a chat, to maintain the honest spirit, it is cool if someone knows if you have read their message or not. Though most times this leads to aggravation, as when in the case of WhatsApp those blue strokes show without a reply, it could be mistaken for a cold snub.

You can now see when someone has read your Twitter DM

And now is Twitter is adopting this by unveiling read receipts in Direct Messaging. This will show a blue check mark next to a message’s timestamp in the case where the recipient has read it. Before now, this check mark was more characteristic of Twitter’s mobile apps on iOS and Android. But now from this changes, it will equally be generated on, when messages are viewed there .

So when you are against other users knowing if you have seen their message, you have the option of disabling receipts from Twitter’s security page. But the thing is when you disable receipts, you also will not be able to see the check mark on your very sent messages.

New! Direct Messages are more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews.
— Twitter (@twitter) September 8, 2016

In company of read receipts, Twitter is also bringing on a typing indicator as well as introducing an expansion to previews for links. This will be quite identical to the previews that we already seen in tweets. It is possible for us to be fairly acquainted to these features from existing chat apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. I guess the decision of Twitter to add them is a probable indication of the Direct Messaging service approaching the capacities of a standalone app.

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