How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

Medically, it is said the blue spectrums of light are not really good for your eyes, that the threat it poses to your eyes even gets worse at night at the instances when you are most likely inclined to be viewing your phone in a dark environment. Most times, truth be said, it often results in poor sleep, which at the end hampers healthy living. So just in case you are getting scared, no need to fret brethren; in this guide we will present to you how to tackle this on your Android phone.

How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

The thing is rather unfortunately, Android, lacks this feature built-in–at least, though not very clearly. Android Nougat has one well concealed hidden edition of this feature termed “Night Mode”, that you could reach via the medium of a third-party app. To say you can’t basically get it on non-Nougat devices, and even a number of Nougat users have been hitting the rocks when trying to fix it to work appropriately, So here in this tutorial, we will introduce you to some good approaches around the corner which you could explore to get night mode on equally; although precisely we will be focusing on Nougat devices

Nougat Devices: Bringing on Android’s Hidden Night Mode

Basically Nougat’s “Night Mode” was originally hidden in the System user interface Tuner in course of the beta, and sadly at the tail end, there was removal of this feature from the final version. Although the menu have not be totally wiped out, you just will no longer be able to access it that stress free.

To begin with, you will have to enable the System UI Tuner. In the case where you have already done this, you could skip down a little bit.

Now you can pull down the notification shade twice, after which you could choose to long-press the cog icon. Following some few seconds, you can now release after which it should spin. Good, so a wrench icon will then be displayed up alongside the the cog. This will show you that you have enabled the UI Tuner.

How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

Alright, at the point, it is believed you have successfully enabled the UI Tuner, so we can move straight Google Play thus installing the Night Mode Enabler app.

So when you are through installing the app, you can then open it; proceeding to tap the “Enable Night Mode” button. In normal conditions, it should at once open a fresh menu within the System UI Tuner. This will now display a toast notification at the bottom with the inscription “Yay, you should now have a quick toggle for Night Mode available.” So you no longer far away from the target.

How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

Alright, prior to when you add the toggle, you have the option of proceeding on turning on Night Mode to possibly view all it entails. It is well noted in the Play Store listing for Night Mode Enabler that should situations pop up where you are experiencing some difficultly in fixing it to work, simply tap the word “On” in the upper left, this is well different from the toggle appearing on the right. Immediately, the screen should immediately turn yellow.

How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

Another more efficient means to this Night Mode, however involves simply making use of the “Turn on automatically” toggle. Thus has the capacity of deploying your device’s location in automatically turning on Night Mode when it is getting dark outside. In likeness to what I have earlier said, it will equally change the quantity of blue light being filtered on the basis of the time of day. Let us give an instance of this, the display will now show a lighter shade of yellow closer to sunset, though there will be more darkness around midnight. But then it is very cool. You can equally make use of this in setting the brightness—all you need do is slide the “Adjust brightness” toggle.

How can I Reduce Eyestrain By Enabling a “Night Mode” in Android

So you could finish the whole procedure here on Android nougat devices and get Night Mode on. But should you choose to move on further; you can add a toggle to the Quick Settings shade. Simply keep to these instructions, dragging the “Night Mode” toggle in.

Hurray it, you are through. So when sunset sets in, your device should at once activate Night Mode. So now we guess you can sleep much better!

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