What will we see from the upcoming Apple iPhone 7

….with stereo speakers and water resistance

So allow me to welcome you to the much anticipated iPhone 7. As you may know, the new Apple flagship just became official and this time Apple is taking its ambitions further by boldly initiating a number of changes, some are quite on a cool side, others proudly audacious.

What will we see from the upcoming Apple iPhone 7

Beginning as far back from the design, the iPhone 7 now proudly adopts the technology of being dust- and water-resistant. Since the iPhone 7 boasts an IP67 certification, it therefore has the capacity to stay about 30 minutes when immersed a meter under water.

The iPhone 7 has a close look to Apple latest designs preceding the iPhone 7. But then there are vital changes this time worthy of note. One major change (it is your judgement to say it is an improvement or not) is the fresh addition of the new location of the antenna bands. From what we have now, they are at present on the top and bottom edges on the back. Although I could have a point in saying this makes the iPhone 7 quite a bit cleaner.

As of now Apple presents two black offerings – these are the just Black and the Jet Black, as well as the inclusion of Silver, Gold, and then Rose gold.

What will we see from the upcoming Apple iPhone 7

What many iPhone faithfuls are complaining about is the disappearance of the headphone jack, this was well carried though in the rumors. So when you now plug headphones, you can only do that via the lightning port. Most certainly, you still have the option of going via a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

What will we see from the upcoming Apple iPhone 7

accepting the reality of a removed 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7

Apple in innovation throws EarPod headphones at us with lightning cable in the retail box and a 3.5mm to Lightning port adapter. One very big addition to the phone’s audio efficiency we can’t ignore here is the stereo speaker setup.

Alright, one bigger deviation Apple embarked on this time is the fresh Home button – now it is all pressure sensitive, this is not the same thing as the physically clicking we are used to. Rather, the new Home button makes use of haptic feedback, which is similar to what we see on the MacBook Force Touch trackpad.

Looking at the top and bottom, the iPhone 7 does well rocking stereo speakers. It sports 2x the volume of the iPhone 6s not forgetting an enhanced audio range.

Concluding this with the measurement, the iPhone 7 has the weight of 138 grams (5 grams lighter than the iPhone 6s) measuring 138.3mm x 67.1mm x 7.1mm – this feature it completely shares with its predecessor.

So this is a brief intro into what you will see when you eventually buy the iPhone 7 every one is licking his lips towards!

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