YouTube for Android enjoys a design update

It will be too dangerous for Youtube to be feeling like an overlord in face of competition brimming as to video content creation from Facebook and even now Twitter. YouTube still has a big race to run as the leading video destination and can not and will never hang its creative boots now.

Youtube is well aware of this hence its habitual attitude of rolling in updates to stay fresh and appealing to the appetite of its users. The most recent YouTube is bringing out this time pertains to Android.

Thus Youtube for Android has received a fresh design-related update. This update is a sort of a server-side update which has the function of relocating the navigation bar to the bottom of the application. Before now the bar was seen at the top.

In addition to this, the color scheme have also seen a reversal – the navigation bar now in the updated app presents a white background flanked by red-colored tab indicators. Although there will be no change in the order in which the tabs had their arrangement.

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