How to know whether your Galaxy Note7 will explode or not

The excitement of the Samsung Note 7 turned into a misfortune. The incidence of Note 7 batteries have battered down the relish we should be sipping from our Note 7 by now. At this instant, those of us phone freaks who have already gotten our Samsung Note 7 have been hearing of the exploding Note 7 batteries.

Compliments will still go to Samsung for taking urgent action to recall the devices with the promise of a replacement. According to what we are hearing, these very devices will not have the faulty batteries as they will be available in much portion of Europe by September 19.

Yet you could be wondering whether there is possibly any means by which you could tell if the Note 7 you have is the newly produced safe units and which Note 7 is likely to suffer battery explosion. Yes, there is a way you can tell if your battery is going to explode or not. In the case where you see the label which is shown in the pic below on your Galaxy Note7’s box, you can relax in safety that your battery will not be exploding anytime.

It is important you recognize the small black square well placed on the barcode label rocking the the big blue “S”. I suppose this S stands for “Safe”. Once more, in the situation were your unit sports this label, you are safe and good to go. And sadly if your battery doesn’t have that “S” sign, it is better you make every attempt to return it as soon as possible from Nigeria. We kindly urge you to try return your phone immediately if it doesn’t have that S sign, it is really dangerous as this faulty battery even destroy your car upon explosion.

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