Amazing: Pokemon Go records 500 million installs on Android, iOS and other platforms

The Pokémon Company and Niantic, Inc. had proudly released an announcement that Pokémon GO, which happens to be the global mobile game that invites players to practically leave their room exploring their surroundings in a bid to locate and catch Pokémon, has finally broken past a benchmark of 500 million downloads globally since it was launched barely three months ago. This is not thoroughly some exclusive European game, people play it here well in our naija especially here in Lagos despite the dangers lurking in exploring your hungry environment.

In the early days of Pokemon, the craze was mad believe me. This is now what is convincing many people that the voluminous hype about Pokemon GO is going down. But then, we can not in any case deny the reality that Pokemon GO remains one of the most successful mobile games of all time. The strong point is Pokemon GO has steadily assumed its place as a cultural phenomenon. And if you choose to be simply inquisitive, what is your guess of the number of downloads has Pokemon GO has amassed so far? Brethren the number is staggering, over 500 million downloads of Pokemon GO have been recorded across iOS and Android going by official reports.

It much easier hearing the numbers than visualizing them, half a billion is 500 million. And we are around 7 billion here on earth. The next roadblock that Pokemon GO should be aiming at is the Angry Birds franchise, with the original Angry Bird being downloaded over 3 billion times by July last year.

The amazing thing is Angry bird and the rest have been around for a blossoming number of years, but Pokemon GO is just months old. Anyway big thumbs up to Pokemon GO as I go outside and look for some Pokemon.

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