Google will now permit any site to chip in reviews to Google Search

Google is passionately trying to confiscate the internet. Aside from already being a digital conglomerate, Google is making sure that it has a presence in every nook and cranny of the web. Via aggressive expansion, Google even wants to book a suite in your unconsciousness.

Google will now permit any site to chip in reviews to Google Search

And now Google is giving any site the permission to make contribution of reviews to Google Search. For some time now, Google Search has been showing reviews of movies, places,TV shows, as well as other variety. The reviews displayed in Search results had been subject to restrictions; having being cut down to a few handpicked websites.

This now stands to change as Google is set to gather reviews from about three sites for any selected place (as well as TV shows/movies/books/etc). This will hold so long the sites keep to executing Google’s snippet markup as well as adhering to its guidelines. This way reviews could be from the site itself, or either from user-created reviews which had their submission to the site (just like Facebook).

As an extra to the conventional reviews, qualifying publishers will now also have the capacity to make addition of their critic reviews to Search results. Of course, critic reviews are well supported for movies, domestic businesses, as much as literary materials like books.

Bringing in support for this fresh functionality into review sites is not some very huge task for Google, in fact it is possible we will be seeing more review sites show up as time keeps rolling by.

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