How can I backup my images in device folders to Google Photos

I must admit that the Google Photos is one tremendous means in backing up as well as organizing all your images. Though there is some work for you to fulfill as to when you intend capturing everything.

How can I  backup my images in device folders to Google Photos

The reason behind this is that Android curates images which were saved from a variety of apps into folders. Thus in the situation where you desire saving screenshots, be it Instagram pictures, or even photos from a wide collection of social networks, you will have to follow the steps we have put forward in this guide.

To begin, you will have to launch Google Photos after which you can open the navigation drawer appearing on the left.

How can I  backup my images in device folders to Google Photos

Next you will have to fire up the slide-out menu so as to begin the process of selecting which device folders you intend saving.

The next step you will have to take is touch Device folders. There you will see photos gathered from every of the various sources you have available on your device. Watch out for the coloring, those appearing with the blue icon as well as “up” arrow show they are backed up. And the pictures marked with the line through the cloud are not backed up.

How can I  backup my images in device folders to Google Photos

Just as said, Google Photos works in pulling every of the various folders allowing you save them to your account.

So to instruct Google Photos to at once backup images from your social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or just any other location, simply touch on the cloud icon. If you have touched on it, you will see it become blue in colour.

So right away, the backup process should begin. The only exception to this is if you have set Google Photos to strictly perform this on Wi-Fi. So alongside backing up your images already existing from a selected folder, new ones will at once get storage into Google Photos.

So in the case where you want to turn off backup, all you need do is a repetition of the procedures touching the cloud icon. This way the already backed-up images will stay, but the those fresh ones just coming in will not be saved to Google Photos.

Now with a good sense of backing up images in Google photos as shown in this guide you can well maneuver your way through saving your screenshots including Instagram photos etc. – or not!

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