Apple Music making mega growth as AppStore reaches 140 billion app downloads!

…Mario is coming to iOS

Apple music is one overfed baby at the moment as it is been growing in leaps and bounds. With the nutritious diet of joy Apple is sucking from Apple Music, it is not bad table manner for Tim Cook (Apple CEO) to be belching in satisfaction.

Just recently Apple proudly made the announcement that its Apple Music service has surpassed a milestone of 17 million paying subscribers with Apple Music at present containing over 30 million songs already. One of its masculine rivals – Spotify has sported 39 million paying subscribers as of the month of August.

It was a rain of achievement as the news of the Apple music’s growth was well spiced with delightful sauce of the AppStore reaching a fresh record of 140 billion app downloads! This is mega big considering that Apple has commenced the exercise of cleaning its design with dedicated purpose towards removing broken apps.

In the spirit of raising glasses in cheers commemorating the height AppStore is reaching, Apple is planning to join heads with Nintendo to transport the iconic Mario to iOS.

If this is successfully realized, the first game rocking the legendary plumber will be Mario Run. Already we would start seeing stickers of Super Mario in iMessage.

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