6-year-old boy suffers burns on explosion of Galaxy Note 7

The story of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been very heartbreaking of late. The most recent outrageous one was a 6-year-old Brooklyn boy who was immersed watching videos on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, suffered burns when the phone burst into flames as the little boy was holding the Galaxy Note 7.

6-year-old boy suffers burns on explosion of Galaxy Note 7

According to the little boy’s grandmother, Linda Lewis who revealed the news to the New York Post, the resulting fire was well sufficient to set off alarms in their apartment, with the extent of injuries from the burn necessitating her grandson to be rushed to the hospital.
Lewis explaining the sad incidence to the Post said “he doesn’t want to see or go near any phones. He’s been crying to his mother.”

According to her, the family has registered contact with Samsung but she rebuffed letting out any more comment.

You will remember that at the end of last week, Samsung has been campaigning for the return of all Note 7 by their respective owners.

We have been emphasizing the warning here too. So in the case where you are still in possession of your Note 7, Samsung is promptly urging you to power it off and proceed on returning it. You can already see how dangerous keeping it is. Some people are going to say “it probably will not happen in my case” — but then the grand mom of boy who suffered the explosion never actually saw that coming either.

So kindly return your Note 7 under the recall. We don’t want to see that story here in our dear Naija.

Anyway, our deep unreserved condolences go to the family of young man and the boy particularly, we wish him the fastest recovery!

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