Microsoft confirms it will sack 300 more employees

Our dear nation is languishing in recession. Companies are drowning in the tides of the economic turbulence, while some are vehemently casting as much human cargo aboard to stay afloat. The retrenchment axe swings above the modern workplace, waiting to fell a worker off his means.

Microsoft confirms it will sack 300 more employees

Not only here in Nigeria, even at Microsoft. The big tech company is confirming that in addition to layoffs pertaining to the closure of its Skype office in London, Microsoft will also be cutting an additional 300 jobs at the company across the next four days. Majority of the unfortunate workers will be axed from Washington where Microsoft’s corporate headquarters is situated.

Quoting a spoke person:

“Microsoft cut about 300 additional people globally this past week, the company spokesperson confirmed, with the majority of those cuts affecting those working in the Puget Sound, Wash., area. I saw a few people cut from various teams in Redmond earlier this week post about the cuts on Facebook.”

This very Microsoft spokesperson also gave the clarification that 220 jobs would be terminated promptly as a constituent of the push to close the Skype London offices. This is quite different from the 400 jobs we previously heard of. All 520 jobs cuts which sadly will be carried out this week come as a component of plans Microsoft announced face back in July to retrench 850 employees before July next year. Surfacing in Microsoft’s most recent quarterly financial report in June 2016, was statistics that the company still had about 114,000 full-time employees.

Our condolences from here to us will be weeded off. Life rolls on you know!

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