Google Play would soon allow us queue downloads when using mobile data

Since the advent of smartphone technology, our phones have grown so close to us like some tech concubines. Most particularly our android phones need to have a delicious diet of apps hence Google provided us with such a big android marketplace for us to keep our phone nutritiously stocked up apps, games as well as any other content you so delight in for your Android-powered tablet, phone, or even your Android TV device. This is the Google Play we are enjoying so far.

Google Play may soon let you queue downloads when using mobile data

Google has so far been dedicated to giving the basic android user a fulfilling user sensation when they get on Google Play. This time Google is working on an innovative feature for its Play Store app. When this feature rolls on,we will be able to queue downloads till we get a data connection- possibly when a Wi-Fi connection becomes available. This way we get to save additional data usage charges.

At present, the app simply instructs users to deploy WiFi when they attempt the download of something really large pertaining to size. But it lacks the option to postpone the download. So when we have this feature in place, it will now be possible for you to proceed with the download or “Wait for WiFi.”

From the reports we gathered, only a selected group of users are seeing the fresh feature at present, this is as Google is not really very certain if will officially launch the feature full scale. In such situations apps that are queued will have to be downloaded via mobile data.

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