Tutorial: How can I change the iOS 10’s Flashlight Intensity on my new iPhone

Apple is really deserving of some songs or even album of praise with the remarkable job they did on the iOS 10. One wonderful well awaited feature is the ability to adjust the intensity of your flashlight; which is pretty important to protecting your eyes. So here in this guide, we will show you the procedure on iOS 10.

It is vital to remind you here before we start that these very tweaks you will be learning here are very much dependent on a 3D Touch shortcut. Thus this will not be compatible with your device, if your iPhone doesn’t have 3D Touch. The implication of this is that you must be in possession of an iPhone 6S or even a newer iPhone to enjoy this feature.

Alright to determine the intensity on your flashlight, you will begin by swiping up from the bottom edge of your device. This very activity of swiping will allow you reach the Control Center. Alongside the bottom row, you will notice about four app buttons. It is been possible it may not even be up to four, but in this guide, what we had was four where we had flashlight, calculator, timer, as well as camera.

Every one of these app buttons boasts some functions inside it you may not catch at a glimpse. Alright, so when you press- holding with 3D Touch, you can get to that functionality, such as here with the flashlight. This precise 3D Touching at the end of the day gives you the avenue to set the intensity from low to high even across medium.

So immediately you determine the intensity, iOS 10 will take note of this in consequent exercises when you tap the flashlight on. There is always the avenue to alter it again in the situation where you like it dimmer or even brighter.

While you are enjoying yourself navigating through the Control Center’s newly gotten 3D Touch capacities, you could take out a very small chunk of your time in exploring some of the other functions. One of this could be the timer button, which lends you the capacity to without much ado set a countdown from one of four preset durations.

The camera button allows you the powers to select a mode without the need of initially opening the actual app. When you love to record a video, this could even be a selfie, all you need do is deploy your 3D Touch and you are well set.

Every of these fresh innovative functions will certainly excite you. Most particularly, this flashlight intensity feature is one sure reason to quickly move over to iOS 10.

At the end of the day, it wouldn’t be bad at all if these buttons were a little more configurable. Say they give us the ability to tweak the timer durations, but then we can’t at least say we are ungrateful seeing this 3D Touch finally come to life on iOS 10!

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