Wonder wonder: WhatsApp may be adding Image drawing and Stickers

Our journey through social media here in naija has been one long Israelite journey. Far back from the days 2go and Go credits. So far WhatsApp has been a phenomenon, and even though we can’t say WhatsApp is the promised land, we have really been impressed.

Boasting over than 1 billion people in over 180 countries, Wonder wonder: WhatsApp may be adding Image drawing and Stickers

WhatsApp Messenger has helped us maintain touch with friends and family, irrespective of location and time. The wonder is not only WhatsApp is free offering reliable messaging .

WhatsApp Messenger is not done with you yet! It seems WhatsApp is planning to bring on image drawing as well as stickers.

The way it works is after you take a photo with the WhatsApp camera, you will now have the ability not only crop said image just like said, this time you will be able to add a sticker to it, even type text, as well as even annotate including drawing on top of it.

For now, everyone in the social media circle is about stickers. And is big deal for WhatsApp to roll in here. WhatsApp has been impressive here with stickers and text that you can could move, resize and rotate, as well as a complete RGB spectrum of colors for drawings and text .

This is a big welcome move from WhatsApp here!

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