Facebook Messenger gets juicer with Direct Share on Marshmallow and above

Messenger (as a lot of persons are much more comfortable just referring to Facebook Messenger as Messenger) has been doing pretty; becoming more and more integral to our daily lives . So far Facebook Messenger has seen nicknames, a material overhaul and well as the addition of color functions, emojis coming and up and then not forgetting SMS support just to mention a few. Yet the last thing we can say is Facebook is getting satisfied with what it has done so far as it aims for MORE!!!

Facebook Messenger gets juicer with Direct Share on Marshmallow and above

And now, Facebook is throwing at us another feature for its Messenger, this one is more suited to Android: and it is called Direct Share.

So far that I have been in the web, I have come across people who really yearned for this feature. Thus we can say it is relieving see it now especially when it gets to work really well. And for those of us who don’t know much about direct share, when it comes aboard, you will could simply locate reddit post or generally a tweet, comment, even a link, in fact just that pops up Android’s share menu. So when you are working with the least version or anything on top of that in addition to 7.0 Nougat or Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will see your most-messaged people come up in the Direct Share menu appearing above the apps. So when you tap on the profile picture of someone (with a little Messenger icon in the lower right), this will now bring up the share message Activity, there you can now type a caption even distributing it to several people.

Of course, I personally applaud this addition, though for the fact that it directs you to the share Activity on Messenger it practically or merely relieves you the stress of say a step or so. Yet this is one move up!

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