Opera’s free VPN on desktop and how you can enjoy it

You are not very far from the truth if you say Opera has graduated past its glorious days, but then you veer a distance off the truth if you say it is past its prime. Opera is still making dedicated efforts to bring on innovations in the browser world. They have yet recorded another feat set to excite its loyal fans as well as possibly bring some new lovers aboard.

Opera's free VPN on desktop and how you can enjoy it

The most recent stable release of Opera on desktop is rolling out with a built-in VPN all coming at no cost: free!!! Our awoof brethren will remember that exactly this service had reached the development branch a number of months back and was later adopted on the mobile platform. The amazing thing is it comes absolutely at no cost, free; sourcing its operation from SurfEasy – which is a subsidiary of Opera.

For now, its servers span across five locations numbering Germany, Canada, Singapore, US and the Netherlands. No big technicality, you can simply open up the most recent Opera release, enabling VPN after which you could make a choice of connection. The VPN is presented with with 256-bit AES encryption; according to Opera, it will lack the capacity to curate logs of your activity of any whatsoever kind.

Opera's free VPN on desktop and how you can enjoy it

The truth is there a lot of benefits enjoying a free and reliable tunnel for your online activities . For the fact that traffic is routed via one of the aforementioned locations, you can virtually deploy this the service to bypass regional limitation on some selected websites. According to Opera, the VPN should boast such speed that it could take on HD video, but that is well reliant some many other variables.

If you like, you could get your hands on the most recent Opera installer here checking the free VPN. You can’t really tell you know, one of the browser’s other exciting features, for example the laptop battery savers or even the built-in ad blocker might get you loving Opera passionately.

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