How you can now simply send video in Yahoo Messenger chat

Well, it is too brash to say Yahoo Messenger is practically dead. Despite not boasting the vigor associated with it as at 2000 and coupled the latest Verizon Wireless buyout of for the Internet assets of Yahoo, we would still be wrong to assume all yahoo product are ailing terribly as some are still doing pretty well especially Yahoo’s original messaging

How you can simply send video in Yahoo Messenger chat

One fresh feature that just came on board Yahoo Messenger is that it will now allow you send video. The Android and the iOS apps are now well compatible with sending video. The duration of the video can be a minute long, and you can send it in one-on-one chats and even on group chats.

Although Yahoo Messenger is not some super awesome messaging client, we can’t still deny its pretty features. On Yahoo messenger, you can “unsend” messages and equally send media in a chat. Yahoo messenger works with Google TalkBack too you know.

How you can simply send video in Yahoo Messenger chat

Now sending one video through your chat is not difficult. It is as easy as sending your normal picture. All you need do is tap on the gallery picker in your chat. From there, you can make a selection from those which you have saved on your device’s gallery.

For now you will not be able to take a video from the dialog box itself which is quite different from your popular messaging apps, but then we are hopeful Yahoo unveils that feature soonest.


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