YouTube testing a messenger with which you don’t have to leave the app to share a video

It is pretty amazing the number of users who watch YouTube everyday. And now YouTube is putting arrangements in place to consolidate its hold on even more users with a new messaging service which brings in the assuredness to viewers that they will not have the uncomfortable essence of leaving the app just so as to share a video.

YouTube testing a messenger with which you don't have to leave the app to share a video

I suppose this is a very intelligent push from Youtube as we know every of its videos are at present being shared with other social networks which includes Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. You can now see the amount of costly time these users spend outside YouTube to share this videos. So it thus understandable now that YouTube is pushing for its own messaging platform so that these users don’t ever get to go outside YouTube in the first place to share these YouTube videos. So of this messenger stuff comes on, you possibly could be on Youtube’s indigenous distinct social network showing your friends what you are watching or even joining them in watching a video.

I can’t really say how this platform would really come out. Certainly, I would really be interested in watching a YouTube video with someone as much as enjoying a video chat even at that very interval. What I am trying to say is enjoying a YouTube video with someone as well as receiving their live and real reactions which is far off the mere traditional “LOL” or “that was good,” through text.

At present, it is more likely the messenger platform will be rolled out to a handful select count of users. These users will then have the capacity to invite others to make use of the service equally. Just in the likeness of many of Google’s projects at their starting phase, it appears like the entrance in is to getting an invitation from another friend.

For now, we don’t have any official YouTube “social network” as the messenger stuff is not solidly feasible yet. Rumors are running around that a number of users are already testing the sharing features as well as fresh chat features. It is rather too early to tell when such capacities would be extended to the general public if they so exist. But then if this comes, would you really subscribe into making use of some YouTube ‘Social Network’ that gives you the functionality of sharing as well as seeing what your friends are watching?

For me, I think I will.

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