Google I/O 2016: What to expect

Google I/O as you know is one of the biggest tech events of the year and Google’s biggest event of the year. And every year, they make big, important announcements cutting across everything from Android to self driving cars. This year is not going to be any different; but before the event, let’s make a few speculations/predictions as to what might or will be announced at Google I/O 2016.



Of course, this is a constant; but as Android N was released pretty early, I’m not sure there will be much to announce since most of the features are already available in the beta version.

  • There is a split screen multi task thingy
  • Better Emoji
  • Improved battery life.

The above are things that are confirmed; there may be many more features that we have not seen yet. A per of me is wishing they debut this 3D touch thingy – if rumors are anything to go by that is.


Virtual reality is kind of the coolest thing in tech right now, – ok, at least among the top 5. Heard of Project Tango? Well, it’s this thing that lets devices understand he world around them- making them smarter, so to speak; couple this with BR and you get something so beautiful and breathtaking. Note that the VR head set being referred to is the Android VR headset. This is quite different from other VR headsets and definitely nothing like Google Cardboard. This time around, we are talking about a full fledged VR headset with dedicated hardware – the whole nine yards.

There are also rumors that Google will teach developers how to make their own Android VR apps; this is not a bad thing to do since the Android OS itself has depended mainly on third party apps.


There are rumors that Google might be trying their hand at messaging again; but taking the chat bot approach this time around. From speculation, it also appears that this messaging service will be tied to your phone number (whatsapp style) and as I mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to chat with bots! The question now remains: will it be a revamp of hangouts? If not, what happens to hangouts then?

These are just a few things that might be announced at the I/O this year. There are many more things, I’m sure; but we are not privy to that information. If you would like to download the app, you can do so here. If by chance, you miss the event, be not perturbed as we will give a concise summary of what happened during the event – it won’t feel like you missed a thing, believe me.

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