Twitter plans to give us bail from the 140-character arrest

…..Twitter to expel Links and Photos out of 140-char limit

Although it may look customary that Twitter religiously keeps to its 140-character, but I have always had this special distaste for this 140-character limitation. Personally, 140-character is not enough hectares to plant my expressions, and it makes communicating to me as hard as drinking water with a fork! Speaking in bits has not been my thing. Here in Nigeria, we manage almost everything, right from fuel to garri, so Twitter forcing me to manage even words was too much punishment.

Twitter plans to give us bail from the 140-character arrest

Now it seems I might be having my small relief at last. It appears we will now be able to compose tweets of increased length as Twitter is planning to expel links and Photos from its 140-char limit.

At present, links take up a minimum of 23 characters. So when this change comes in, you could get more expressive. This would surely improve on the flexibility of the social media platform. Last year, we had seen the removal of the 140-character limit on Direct Messages last year.

Sometime at the beginning of this year, rumours were ripe that Twitter plans to throw away the its 140-character limit for tweets equally. But it seems Twitter has a very special affinity for this as CEO Jack Dorsey poured cold water on such hot rumours weaken who had described the limit as “a good constraint” for the service.

Well, I just can’t wait for this move, having 23 free characters to myself is not bad business after all!

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