Wonder Wonder: Can you believe this bicycle has 4GB of RAM

Technology is sweet madness. I don’t really feel the robe of angels up in heaven is still white. Guess it should be green now, green with envy as it is almost impossible for angels not to be jealous of the immortal feats we mere mortals have conquered with technology. Some angels wouldn’t mind having the iPhone 7 of course.

Wonder Wonder: Can you believe this bicycle has 4GB of RAM

The human brain has toasted such a delicious civilization in the kitchens of science. Sketching up inventions after invention, it takes such a special anointing to prophesy what tech wonder would be coming next. Some of these inventions are madness, showing how mentally athletic people are, how fast their brains move.

More madness is this bicycle having a 4GB RAM! The bicycle tagged Le Syvrac from LeEco an ambitious Chinese company, also duplicates as a smartphone runs runs a version of Google’s Android software on a 4-inch display which is well placed between the handlebars. It sources its operating power from by a quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM, equally boasting laser pointers, a built-in speaker and smart camera as well as a heart rate sensor.

The bike is kind of mountain bike while still partly being a smartphone, this has a 4-inch display. It can drive on its own, even up to parking itself while maintaining a listening ear to voice prompts from its owner, through a smartphone app. It is also possible for you to use fingerprint sensor which can be used to lock the bike. The phone as said is powered by a 1.3GHz processor, the battery on the other hand could be charged by simply cycling!

We can’t have enough of inventions, who knows one day we would soon be doing 3D printing of egusi soup!

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