YouTube set to battle Spotify and Apple Music on music streaming

…which will officially be launched in March 2018

YouTube is creating a platform where it offers the services streaming music live from its webpage. In accordance with reports from the YouTube industry, this is staged to be take-off from March 2018.

The new service will be based on YouTube Red which stands as the current premium of offers from the video site. It is said that this latest development will provide a measure of competition for Spotify and Apple Music.

Nevertheless, it will also combine a directory of YouTube with an enormous amount of music obtainable at Google play music. Google had pretty much procured the ownership of YouTube since 2016 and practically left it to run its affairs on its own.

The newfangled streaming service, reportedly known as Remix, will be mixing videos and music providing customers with a convenient avenue for streaming videos or music that are advert-free.

Prior to the official launch of this service, Google will have to make signings with Sony Entertainment Merlin, and Universal Music Group which are undoubtedly the most popular music labels in the world. Talks are already set in motion for deals to be closed although these talks have been set in motion for over a year. YouTube standing as competition for Spotify and Apple Music will generate more revenue for the labels who have been insisting for more revenue from the video site.

Following a report in Bloomberg, Warner Music Group has already signed in, prompting the usage of its content.

Spotify claims it has over 140milllion users and about 50 million of them are paying subscribers. Apple Music on the other hand has serrated over 30 million listeners. Amazon also has a service in place for making a certain amount of songs accessible to all its prime subscribers.

Google would have to be quick with its attempt to get YouTube into the streaming race if it intends to make the most out of it.

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