Here comes the Snapdragon 835

The first day of the Qualcomm Annual Snapdragon Summit was mostly dedicated to the chipmakers partnership with Microsoft and the propagation of the Always Connected PC. The Executive Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, Cristiano Amon aroused the hopes of both guests and customers on the unveiling of CF.

It didn’t come as a total surprise because many have waited in expectation for the pronouncement of an upgrade. The recent Snapdragon 835 was a major improvement in terms of competence and functionality as compared to the comfortably received Snapdragon 820 and Snapdragon 821. Snapdragon 835 was virtually in most Android devices this year.

Although Snapdragon 845 is not hypothetically meant to bring about a total change in operation, clienteles are charged to be on the lookout for certain upgrades such as; a 10% to 20% increase in CPU speculations and a 20% to 25% crash in GPU. Snapdragon 845 is counting on the backing of the broad-ranged OLED exhibitions and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which we have noticed lately at the hands of competitors like Apple and Huawei these past few months.

In building the leading Snapdragon chip, Qualcomm Technologies will be working with Samsung Foundry to bring about developments in the prevailing 10nm manufacturing process.

CEO Lei Jun of Xiaomi also announced that the Snapdragon 845 program will be contained in the company’s Mi flagship of 2018.

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