Google finally doing gestures “the right way” with Android Q!

As the saying goes, modern problems will need modern solutions to handle them. One problem of the modern age is the one that came to be as soon as manufacturers of mobile phones started to reduce phone bezels over and over again and causing the screens of phones to reach the very ends of devices – their “foreheads” and “chins” and by so doing they left no room for home buttons as well as for capacitive touchscreens. The question that comes to mind therefore is, how does one navigate these new screens that come with new mobile devices.

Having stated that for facts, keep in mind that there is a standard way for a navigation bar to be put on screen. Be that as it may, there is also a more fun and flexible way to attach “navigation gestures” to mobile phones. Apple was able to do it, so did Samsung, Huawei also achieved that feat and turns out, Google was also able to do it.

However, if we are to state facts, Google always tends to make things a little bit different. As a result, their own style of “navigation gestures” involved taking out the virtual home button and putting a “home pill” in its place. More so, Google also had the button for “recent apps” (minimize button) removed, the only thing that it didn’t change or remove was the back button. The obvious change was not well received by some people, this is because, a navigation bar was still left at the bottom of the screen and to make things worse the placement was irregular in shape. Some people were also of the view that the gestures were not flexible or visceral, instead they were colliding and bunglesome.

That is not to say that everyone who used the Google Android devices didn’t like what they saw, but everything we’ve pointed at so far hinted on the fact that they all should have.

With the introduction of Android Q, Google has developed a means to fix this issue. On the Android Q, there is a new option in Settings where you’ll find the Gestures. Head to Settings, then System, there you’ll find an option with the title “Fully Gestural Navigation”. This option removes the navigation bar at the bottom of your device’s screen leaving only a thin strip in that specific area. To use the home button after you’ve enabled “Fully Gestural Navigation”, swipe up. For “recent apps” swipe up and hold, when you swipe left or right across the thin strip you will switch between apps fast. Swipe in from either the left or right side of the screen to go “back”.

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