Spotify officially separating podcasts and music in libraries of premium users

Having spent at the very least one month working on it, the online music streaming service known as Spotify is now ready to release a library look for its premium users one that is updated which will precisely differentiate podcasts from music. Furthermore, the company is bringing out some of the new functions and operations for podcasts and music. The new design that has been put out for the library of Spotify premium users may be a little difficult to handle as all your media, that is; your playlists, songs, albums, artists, podcasts and videos, are laid out together at the top of the screen. The new layout, which does not actually bring out an outstanding difference to the way people listen to music on the music streaming platform sort of gives a certain satisfying feeling mostly as people haven’t taken the way Spotify treats podcasts lightly.

Podcasts on the network are at present organized only by the shows that users follow, shows that are not played, and downloaded shows which represents everything disorder stands for. In the new layout however, podcasts will be divided into three main categories, they are; episodes, downloads, and shows. The tab for episodes will list new episodes or give users the option of resuming episodes they started before, also in the episodes list, episodes of podcasts that people follow and are recently released will be displayed. The downloads tab is the tab where podcasts that are downloaded will be stored (these are the podcasts that users can access while offline). Shows tab allows users find podcasts they follow and view past episodes – shows at the top of the tab are those whose episodes were recently released.

The new music section in the new design will provide playlists, artists, and albums the same way they always were as users are already used to. The major change there is that songs that are liked will be stored in a new playlist titled Liked Songs and users can download the playlist to listen offline.

Spotify has made a couple of announcements lately mostly relating to podcasts. The streaming service launched its first playlist with podcasts, launched a web app for creating shows, built its first hardware product to learn about audio consumption in the car, and signed a deal with Obama’s production company for exclusive shows. One can dare say that the company is on a roll especially with its business involving podcasts, we believe there’s more on the way.

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