Pre-saving albums on Spotify gives record labels access to user data

When albums are pre-saved on Spotify, it can provide music labels with a way of getting information that are personal about users such as their email addresses and playlists, this is information we got from one of our sources. More so, pre-saving of albums can even give labels the license to control the artistes users follow, add or even remove songs from the libraries of users, and stream Spotify on the other devices that users may have.

Users of the online music streaming platform can pre-save songs that are yet to be released in order that they can have the album added to their libraries as quickly as possible when they are finally released. But for the users to do this, they will have to grant music labels permissions and/or give their approval before that can happen, however, our sources have provided us with information that the access that the music labels get far exceed what they actually need – being, adding or removing items in Your Library.

Take for instance, users who tried to pre-save the song by Chris Brown titled, “No Guidance” were asked by Sony Music to give the music label permission to “upload images to personalize your profile or playlist cover” and “manage who you follow on Spotify”. The users who granted Sony Music this access may not have been aware that the permission they had granted to the label was under a lot of submenus.

Sony Music especially according to what we found out, happened to be asking for permissions more than any other music label, 16 in total which cannot be argued is more than is actually needed or required. Universal Music Group on the other hand asked for about 10 additional permissions and that includes asking for the date of birth of the user according to the findings we made. Warner Music Group also asked for almost 10 more additional permissions as well, one of which is asking for complete control over the private playlists of users while it was holding a campaign for Noel Gallagher’s Black Star Dancing EP.

Even though when we take a look at this in the technical sense, Spotify as well as these music labels we have mentioned above are not breaking any laws, it is one pointer to the fact that users of the online music streaming platform should be extremely careful when it comes to handing out their personal information to third parties.

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